Express Freight Services – EFS – has specialised in container haulage ever since we were launched over 30 years ago. It has been a period of constant growth and evolution as more and more customers have discovered for themselves how EFS is synonymous with quality and trust.

During that time we have focused on building up a reputation for being experts in our field. This means that we have gradually developed strong links within the industry and built a team of dedicated and experienced drivers – including some of the very best owner operators around who work with on a contract basis.

Today, we are one of the leading names in container haulage, with a well-earned reputation for reliability, customer service and delivery of our promises.

Support systems and services

We’ve also invested heavily in support systems and services that enable us to achieve our aim of providing the very highest quality of service to all of our customers, whether they want us to manage a single consignment or thousands.

Our belief in providing high quality service is at the core of everything we do: from training our drivers to selecting, operating and maintaining our fleet of 44-ton tractor units and various trailer configurations.

Distribution and warehousing

In addition, we offer distribution and warehousing services to those clients who need these services as part of their overall container haulage strategy.

Expert project management

As well as aiming to offer our customers the best drivers, the best systems, and the best fleet of trucks in the sector, we also aim to provide valuable expert advice from experience project managers who know container haulage inside out.

Continual improvement

In line with our commitment to providing the very best levels of service at all times, we operate in an atmosphere of continual improvement, constantly looking for ways to add value to our services.