Truck Sales

We regularly offer a selection of second hand vehicles for sale from our fleet. All vehicles are fully dealer maintained, complete with a comprehensive service record, and are presented as closely as possible to their original, pristine, showroom condition.

The number and types of vehicle available change regularly. However, they have all gone through the same rigourous pre-sale checking and servicing process.

So, when you come to choose your second hand vehicle from Express Freight, you can be sure it’s in prime condition and ready to provide outstanding service.

Detailed checklist

The full list of checks carried out is exhaustive, but the key elements included are drivetrain, braking systems, electronics, safety elements and features, suspension, exhaust, and key engine components.

In addition, each vehicle undergoes a dealer service to ensure that all fluids and routine serviceable parts are checked and, where necessary, replaced in line with normal service schedules.

Optimum condition

All the vehicles are ex-EFS fleet and so have been expertly maintained throughout their working life. Normal wear and tear is to be expected, of course, but these vehicles have been kept in optimum condition throughout their working life so far. This means that their useful working life is likely to continue for a considerable time into the future and, provided they continue to be maintained to a high standard, they will retain a high resale value.

The total cost of ownership will, naturally, depend on the use to which the truck is put after it has been sold by us, how well it is maintained, and how long it continues to be used.

Full documentation available

Potential buyers are welcome to view the available trucks at any time (within working hours) and to inspect all documentation and service records prior to buying.

Our latest selection of pre-owned, ex-EFS fleet trucks is now available please contact us for more information.