At EFS, we are dedicated to container haulage, a distinct and highly specialised sector of the haulage and transport industry.

Container haulage is about much more than simply loading containers and delivering to a port. It requires specialist knowledge of how ports operate as well synchronising with sailing schedules and in-port container handling systems and processes. General hauliers are rarely capable of providing this level of specialist knowledge and expertise.

Expert advice from a professional team

Whether you are shipping a single container, hundreds or a regular flow of containers as part of a cross-border supply chain, our professional and experienced team can provide all the expert advice you need to ensure you are using the most cost-effective and efficient options.

Project planning and management

Our project management team will work with you to identify any challeges that you may face and provide solutions to those challenges. As well as provding a detailed plan, our project managers will keep you up to date with reports on the progress of your shipment. In addition, you’ll be able to access vital information directly from our advanced computer shipment management and tracking systems.

A range of options

We can help with wide range of containerised haulage options, dependent on the type of shipment, including refrigerated or chilled delivery, full load or part-load container consignments, and the transport of hazardous goods. While many projects are similar, we’ll provide a solution that is matched to your own particular needs.

Trusted reputation

Our relationship with leading shipping lines, the ports and official bodies – such as Customs – enable us to provide solutions based on real world experience of shipping many thousands of containerised goods. We also have an excellent security record, helping to ensure that our customers’ containers reach their destinations safely wherever they are headed.

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